The Space Between Your Eyes

I began working with direct digital output in the series The Space Between Your Eyes in 2005. Compared with the methodical nature of my previous large-format work, this new method allows a more spontaneous and intuitive approach to photographing subjects. I am no longer concerned with making one image transition neatly into the other. Instead, I am foregrounding the seams and inconsistencies of both the original material and its inclusion in my montage. As Sergei Eisenstein stated in “Word and Image,” The strength of montage resides in this, that it invokes the creative process, the emotions and mind of the spectator. The spectator is compelled to proceed along that selfsame creative path that the author traveled in creating the image (idea). The spectator not only sees the represented elements of the finished work, but also experiences the dynamic process of the emergence and assembly of the image (idea) just as it was experienced by the author.